Maryam Rika Maryam Rika Maryam Rika Maryam Rika Maryam Rika Maryam Rika
Web Designer and Developer based in Manchester UK
I make web experiences more fun and interesting
Hi, I’m Maryam Rika.
A freelance web designer and developer with over 8 years of experience building engaging websites for a diverse range of clients.
I have worked inhouse (leading teams in US and UK companies) and more recently as a freelancer.
I have strong experience across all aspects of design and development for custom websites, and can either work alone or with others as part of a team.
I am passionate about creating websites that focus on user experience, accessibility and functionality, while maintaining principles of good design and beauty.
My design inspiration is minimalist, typographic and emotional.
When I’m not behind my computer, I love to mountain biking, tend to my indoor plants and draw, mostly portraits.

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